Mari Raekallio: Singing Teacher

Mari is a professional singer-songwriter and recording electro pop solo artist performing under the stage name Aino Elina. She is signed to Masi Music, and is currently working on her second album.

Mari is a private contemporary, commercial music vocal coach with over 7 years of experience teaching singers of all abilities. She has been coached by some of the UK Music Industry’s leading coaches, including Dane Chalfin (Primal Voice) and Kim Chandler. She is also familiar with CVT (complete vocal technique).

As well as extensive solo experience Mari has 20 years of performance experience from all over the world with choirs, ensembles and professional musical theatre.

Mari Raekalio

Meet Mari Raekallio: Vocal Coach

Professional Experience – Aino Elina

Qualifications – Masters from Leeds College of Music

Favoured styles – Pop, Musical Theatre

Lessons taught – Singing

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